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28 Jun 2016

Global Headquarters Coming to Northwest Loop

Rhyne Station Corning Corning Optical Communications, a division of New York-based Corning Inc., are moving their headquarters from Hickory, NC to northwest Charlotte, NC, just off the I-485 loop. The $38 million headquarters will be located in Riverbend Village, just a few miles north of Lockard’s master-planned community, Rhyne Station.

Rhyne Station, a 131 acre site, has planned a blend of office, retail, and residential living where architecture, landscaping and natural features will complement the surrounding natural resources.

More than 400 jobs would move from Hickory to the new headquarters scheduled to open in 2018. The Charlotte headquarters could boast an additional 150 jobs by 2023 with an average salary of $91,000 according to the Mecklenburg County Commission.

“This is an amazing opportunity for the local economy,” said Robert Smith Jr., CCIM, President Lockard. “The jobs being created along the northwest loop of I-485 will help spur development and enhance the quality of life in the local community.”

The company says construction of the new headquarters could begin as early as the second half of 2016.

Additional information available here.
20 Jun 2016

Growth Mode for Sunset Crossing in Waukesha, WI

National real estate developers, Lockard and Endeavour Corp., are looking to capitalize on the recent success of their Sunset Crossing redevelopment by moving forward with a proposed new outparcel slated for city approval in the coming weeks. Sunset Crossing, a once abandoned K-Mart building located at 120 E. Sunset Drive in Waukesha, WI, was purchased in December 2014 by Lockard. Working with the Endeavour Corp., plans were made to retrofit the 115,857 square foot building with a new tenant lineup.
3 Jun 2016

How to Identify Fraudulent Checks

By: Seth Gilkes, CPA, CCIM Although checks are used and accepted far less than they used to, even their limited use provides criminals the opportunity to pay for things or obtain cash using fraudulent or counterfeit checks. Computer technology enables criminals to reproduce authentic looking checks. Other times, a criminal may obtain real checks and alter them to avoid being caught once a bank tries to process it. If you cash or deposit a phony check, you’ll likely be on the hook for the amount. Warnings signs of phony checks include: