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Since our founding in 1951, Lockard has grown into a nationwide integrated real estate solutions firm that has completed over $2 billion in real estate transactions in 28 states.  Demonstrating excellence, integrity, and humility in all of our client and referral relationships, Lockard’s Integrated Real Estate Services cover the entire spectrum of the real estate life cycle from site selection, ownership structure, project finance, concept and value engineering, to construction management, redevelopment, disposition, and beyond.

The Lockard team is a group of professionals who are passionate about delivering innovative and remarkable solutions for all of our clients.  Headquartered at 4501 Prairie Parkway in Cedar Falls, Iowa, Lockard works relentlessly toward its mission of enhancing the quality of life in every community we serve.

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by Excellence we mean:

• We will strive to be innovative and remarkable. • We will be passionate about achieving the best for our clients. • We will not offer, nor will we settle for “second best.” • We will conduct our business in a way that is profitable and charitable.
by Integrity we mean: • We will do the right thing. • We will deliver what we promise. • We will be honest and forthright.
by Humility we mean: • We will treat others with respect. • We will not let our egos get in the way of our client’s best interests. • We will give credit where credit is due.