Waverly Health Center: Janesville, IA

202 Wildcat Way

Waverly Health Center in Janesville, IA is a 3,500 sf clinic located on Wildcat Way next to the State Bank in Janesville, IA.  Lockard provided the site planning, development, construction, financing, leasing, and property management for the highly anticipated medical center.

Waverly Health Center’s mission is to provide high quality, patient-centered health care. Each employee serves as a caregiver and strives to embody the organizational values of compassion, enthusiasm, excellence, innovation, integrity and leadership.  Their commitment to consistently providing high quality, patient-centered health care is clearly supported through its high patient, employee and medical staff satisfaction scores which rank in the top 25% of hospitals nationally.

Tenant: Waverly Health Center
Acres: 1.50
Square Feet: 3,500

P: (319) 277-8000
Email: info@lockardonline.com