John Flint Executive Vice President, Asset Management and Strategic Initiatives

John Flint Executive Vice President Asset Management Headshot

…and other duties as assigned.

John's job is to grind through numbers to make sure that a project is financially viable.  If it is viable, then it’s his job to provide the analysis and commentary to help Lockard's team raise the capital we need to make the project a reality.  John gets to deal with banks, insurance companies, family offices, Wall Street financiers, and individual investors along the way, and it’s a very interesting process he says.  Once it is finished, he  will oversee the property and asset management for all of Lockard's projects.

J ohn's real job is to be a husband and father; "I am blessed to be married to Nichole and we have four amazing kids" says John.  "We homeschool, (OK, “we” is pretty generous), host the neighborhood kids on our trampoline,  and spend entirely too much time in our minivan."  If he had any spare time, John would enjoy golfing with his wife, attending NASCAR races, and reading more books...ask him this question again in 14 years!

"What we suffer from today is humility in the wrong place.  A man was meant to be doubtful about himself, but undoubting about the truth.  This is now exactly reversed."  G K Chesterton

To contact Mr. Flint dial 319-277-8000.