Mike Schmitz Superintendent

Mr. Everybody 

Who doesn't know Schmitz?  Mike has proven to be a superintendent that everyone has enjoyed working with on each job site, from Texas to Timbuktu (if we had a site in Timbuktu), and has earned the respect of his peers, co-workers, and contractors alike.  Look for him on your next job site visit and introduce yourself, just don't mention the dropped ball. H uge Dallas Cowboys fan.  Hate Mike all you want but he believes it is still better than being a Cubs fan.  And to you Packer fans out there – Dez caught it!!  Mike enjoys golf, but he has an uncanny ability of making others look like a Masters Champion on the golf course. Married to Jill, who is truly the master of the house, they enjoy life with their two boys, Christopher and Crosby.  Chris has made it his goal to prove that it’s never too early to be smarter that his dad and Crosby has made it his goal to prove that I am getting old.

“The greatest way to live with honor in this world is to be what we pretend to be.”  Socrates 

To contact Mr. Schmitz dial 319-277-8000.